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Overwhelmed with years and years of slides from family vacations and birthday parties? Imagine having all your slides digitally enhanced on one DVD set to music for added enjoyment.

Best Photo can preserve your prized memories conveniently on permanent, high-quality DVD. Coordinate your trips, catalog your holidays or organize your own chronology all set to easy-listening background music. Just sit back and watch the years go by.

You will also get your high-resolution scanned images on CD for viewing on your PC, sharing on the Internet with family and friends, and for making high quality reprints.

Everything you need is included at one price!

What's Included with Your Slide Archiving

High Resolution Scan & Enhancement

And that's not enough for Best Photo! One of our skilled technicians will then review each image in Photoshop™ if any additional corrections are needed.

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Slide Archiving Pricing

Service Price
Slides Scanned at 2000 dpi
35mm, 126mm and 110mm in a 2" x 2" mount Add $.03 per slide if not numbered.
Up to 80 Slides$56.00
Up to 1000 Slides$0.70/slide
1001 Slides and Over$0.60/slide
Odd Sized Slides Scanned at 2000 dpi
Slide with mounts larger or smaller than 2" x 2" (Stereo Slides, Glass mounts) 1" x 1" 110mm, 127mm Large Format slide in 2" x 2" mount Add $.03 per slide if not numbered.
Up to 60 Slides$56.00
Over 60 Slides$0.95/slide
Medium Format Slide Scan
3" x 3" mounts. Add $.03 per slide if not numbered.
Up to 12 Slides$56.00
Over 12 Slides$5.00/slide

Additional Services

To further enhance your slide archiving, Best Photo offers the following services at an additional charge:

DVD Duplication
Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case
1 Copy$14.95/copy
2 to 9 copies$12.95/copy
10 to 20 copies$10.50/copy
Dual Layer DVD Duplicate$30.00/copy

Preparing Your Slides for Transfer

  1. Prepare Your Slides
    • Slides should be removed from carousels or slide trays, individually numbered, rubber-banded together and submitted in numbered packs. Each slide needs to be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. While numbering, should you omit or misnumber a slide, add a letter to the number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, etc.).
    • When numbering your slides, please underline all numbers as the numbers 6 and 9 can be confused with each other. Slides received unnumbered will be numbered at TMT at an additional charge of $.03 per slide.
  2. Select a Title for Your Transfer
    "The Smith Family Memories", "The Adventures of the Wells Family", "The Johnsons" are a few suggestions. If a title is not desired, please indicate NO TITLE on the order form. Otherwise, we will begin your production with the title of "Memories."
  3. Don't Forget to Order Extra Copies
    • Store your master and watch the copy.
    • Copies make great gifts.
    • Share the cost with family and have copies for everyone.
  4. Package Your Slides
    Bring or mail your slides to:
    Best Photo
    Shoprite Center
    1489 Brace Road
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    Download our printable order form to include with your order

If you have any questions regarding your slide transfer, please call us at 856-354-9144.

FAQs About Your Slide Transfer