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Best Photo uses the state-of-the-art, MWA Flashtransfer Choice2K+™ and FlashscanHD™, the latest in film transfer technology, producing the finest picture quality available. This equipment, up until now, has only been available to film archivists and Hollywood film makers. With a full-time staff of experienced technicians dedicated to film transfers, Best Photo can actually improve the quality of your fading films when you transfer them to Digital DVD or hard drive in standard definition or high definition.

Over time, movie film deteriorates. Not only will the projected picture fade, but the film itself can become brittle and snap. Digitizing and transferring your home movies to DVD will ensure that your memories will last a lifetime.

Best Photo uses a proprietary system for editing, removal of blank spots and correcting color, contrast and brightness. In addition, our production value is second to none. Your DVD will include chapter points, menus and background music. It is this attention to detail that sets Best Photo apart from the others.

What's Included with Your Home Movie Transfer


The tiniest speck of dust or dirt will look enormous on your TV screen. We clean all 8mm and Super 8mm movie film to assure you get the clearest picture possible.


As your film gets older, the splices you may have applied years ago may not hold as well as they used to. Should those splices break, we will repair them (within reason) at no extra charge.

If you have three or more 50-foot reels, they will be spliced onto 200 or 400-foot reels. Each reel will be labeled, indicating which 50-foot reels have been spliced into it. Empty reels, with writing on them, will be returned.

Transfer & Monitoring

Trained technicians carefully monitor the entire transfer for picture framing and focus. Your film is digitally scanned, frame by frame, and captured in its entirety in high resolution directly to computer hard drive before going to our editing department for further enhancing.

Editing & Enhancement

Our editors view your entire transfer scene by scene, eliminating blank footage, and enhancing brightness, contrast and color on our exclusive transfer system.

Opening Title

We begin your home movie production with your own personalized title (Example: "The Smith Family Memories"). This same title will be imprinted on the face of your DVD.

Background Music

We will add background hi-fi Dolby digital music to the entire length of the transfer. This can be from our library of family-oriented, easy listening music or you can provide your own CD to bring your movies to life. See our additional services for supplying your own audio or custom audio to your transfer.

Your DVD

When transferring to a DVD, we use the highest quality DVD-R media that has been tested to get the maximum quality results with our equipment.

Conversion Process
Your film will be converted to DVD utilizing VBR (Variable Bitrate) encoding technology which produces an overall higher and more consistent quality level than Constant Bit Rate encoding.

Custom DVD Imprint
The same Opening Title that you choose will be custom printed on the face of your DVD.

Thumbnail Menu & Chapter Points
A visual "thumbnail" menu at the beginning, showing a picture of the first frame of each three-minute chapter point.

Movie Film Transfer Pricing

For the highest quality transfer, film is transferred directly to our computer editing system, where it is review and enhanced scene by scene for color and contrast. Titles and music are then added before burning to DVD.

Service Price
Film to DVD
Enjoy your finished production on your DVD player.
Up to 400 feet$72.00
Additional feet of film$0.18/foot
Film to .avi files for Editing on a PC (External Hard Drive/Not Included in Price)
Call for current Hard Drive pricing.
Up to 400 feet$76.00
Additional feet of film$0.19/foot
Film to .mov files for Editing on a MAC (External Hard Drive/Not Included in Price)
Call for current Hard Drive pricing.
Up to 400 feet$0.00
Additional feet of Film$0.00/foot
Film to High Definition Blu-Ray DVD
Movie film to high definition Blu-Ray DVD
Additional feet of Film$0.00/Foot
Up to 400 Feet$0.00

Additional Services

To further enhance your film transfer, Best Photo offers the following services at an additional charge:

Hard Drive
All Hard Drives come with a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty and supports USB.
2 Terabyte Hard Drive
Store up to 140 hours of .avi video
$0.00/2 TB
1 Terabyte Hard Drive
Store up to 70 hours of .avi video
$0.00/1 TB
DVD Duplication
Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case
1 Copy$14.95/copy
2 to 9 copies$12.95/copy
10 to 20 copies$10.50/copy
Dual Layer DVD Duplicate$30.00/copy

Preparing Your Home Movies for Transfer

  1. Number Your Reels
    • Gather your film reels and determine the size of each to estimate the total footage of film.
      Click for a printable film sizing guide
    • If you want your film reels transferred in a specific order, number all reels in the order. While numbering, should you omit or misnumber a reel, add a letter to the number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, etc.) and cross out any old numbers.
    • When numbering your reels, please underline all numbers as the numbers 6 and 9 can be confused on round reels.
    • Use either stickers or write the numbers directly on the boxes. Post-its tend to fall off.
    • Keep film formats together to avoid extra charges.
  2. Select a Title for Your Transfer
    "The Smith Family Memories", "The Adventures of the Wells Family", "The Johnsons" are a few suggestions. If a title is not desired, please indicate NO TITLE on the order form. Otherwise, we will begin your production with the title of "Memories."
  3. Don't Forget to Order Extra Copies
    • Store your master and watch the copy.
    • Copies make great gifts.
    • Share the cost with family and have copies for everyone.
  4. Package Your Film Reels
    Bring or mail your film reels to:
    Best Photo
    Shoprite Center
    1489 Brace Road
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    Download our printable order form to include with your order

If you have any questions regarding your movie film transfer, please call us at 856-354-9144.

FAQs About Your Movie Film Transfer