Additional Services

Other services available from Best Photo

Best Photo offers many other services aside from basic transfer. From video editing to foreign conversion, we can provide you with services you can't get anywhere else.

Additional Service Pricing

Service Price
Digital Video Files to DVD
Convert digital video from any digital device to DVD.
Upload Digital Video for Conversion to DVD$44.95/2 hr disc
Upload Digital Video for Conversion to Blu Ray Disc$100.00/2 hours
MiniDVD Recovery
MiniDVD won't finalize or play back? Our service will recover your memories and make a new DVD with chapter points. We have an excellent success rate, but if we can't recover your data, there is no charge.
MiniDVD Recovery$0.00/disc
Hard Drive
All Hard Drives come with a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty and supports USB.
2 Terabyte Hard Drive$0.00/2 TB
1 Terabyte Hard Drive$0.00/1 TB
Audio Tape
Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel Audio Tape, Micro Cassette, LP Records, or 8-Track Converted to Audio CD.
Audio Tape to CD$40.00/1/2 hour of Audio
DVD Duplication
Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality; Custom Imprint: up to two lines of text, 24 characters and/or spaces per line, and Storage Case
1 Copy$14.95/copy
2 to 9 copies$12.95/copy
10 to 20 copies$10.50/copy
Dual Layer DVD Duplicate$30.00/copy
Foreign Videotape Standards Conversions to DVD
Foreign Videotape to U.S. (NTSC) DVD
U.S. Videotape to Foreign (PAL) DVD$55.95/tape
Foreign Videotape to U.S. DVD$55.95/tape
Additional Disc Needed if video runs over 2 hours$39.95/Additional 2 hours
Foreign DVD Standards Conversions to U.S. DVD
Foreign (PAL) DVD to U.S. (NTSC) DVD$89.95/DVD
Videotape Repair
VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8mm, Digi8mm
Repaired and copied to DVD$49.95/tape

If you have any questions regarding any of our additional services, please call us at 856-354-9144.